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Hello! This is the official announcement that this blog is dead! I assume y'all've already figured out that it's pretty much dead, but now it's official! Hooray!

Aside from a few temporary changes, my blog has been Retrograde Motionless since late March 2002. That is entirely too long. The time for backwards unmotion is over. Now is the time for running headlong off cliffs and out onto the air beyond. Free bridges for the strong willed.

Words of wisdom for today: Don't Look Down
Shark out of water

(Not literal shit.)

Where did all this shit in my room come from?

I've come to the conclusion that it's going to be easier to pack up as if I were moving and then unpack, than it would be to clean in the normal sense. I'm also considering pulling out the things I really want and then just burning the place to the ground.

Relatedly, does anyone have a good solution for what to do with my cds? I've converted all my music to mp3, and I don't really ever use the cds, so there are just stacks of them and their cases all over the place, and the best I've come up with so far is to shove them all in a box, which I already did once before, but then I bought more music.
Shark out of water

It says "fuckin'" because I ran out of space on that line, and didn't want to hyphenate my profanity

My sister's asleep on my bathroom floor. Not passed out drunk. Not lying on the floor sick feeling like she might puke. Asleep. She has on pajamas. She has blankets and a pillow. She has her own perfectly good bed and her own perfectly good bathroom. Why does she need to use mine? Oh yeah, and she locked the door.

So I opened the privacy lock with a small wooden dowel that was lying around, squeezed in through the crack the door was stopped from opening further than by her pillow, brushed my teeth, put a post-it on the inside doorknob that reads "Don't sleep in my fuckin' bathroom!" and now I'm going to bed, because, really, what are you supposed to do when your sister is asleep in your bathroom?
Shark out of water

Also, if you sent me a text today, I didn't get it.

The display on my cell is fried. I've got a replacement, but I can't get my contacts out of the old one, since they're stuck down in the murky water that is all I can get out of the display anymore other than the bright colors that shine in around the edges when I press my thumbs into the screen in a desperate attempt to get the grey blob to leave. Virgin Mobile has a thing called "contact vault" that I could use to get them out, but a) it requires me to see what the hell I'm doing on my phone to activate, and b) it's not available on my phone anyhow.

So, if you want me to be able to call you, regardless of whether or not I had your number before, please send it to me know however you think is best. I'd recommend against AIM, though, 'cause I'm never on there anymore.

UPDATE: I will have a replacement phone, but I don't yet since it's still attatched to the previous owner's account, so don't send me texts. I won't be able to read them.
Shark out of water

And, if I do, give me to science. No sense burning (or god forbid, burying) a perfectly good corpse.

If I were to die tomorrow (and with any luck I won't) here's what I would regret (in descending order of importance, roughly):
  1. Not writing more
  2. The pain my death would cause Leah
  3. What I did to Steen1
  4. Not calling Katerina
  5. Not having a little girl, but not too much, because I haven't had a chance yet2
  6. The big thing1, but not too much, because without it, I wouldn't have met Leah3
  7. Not kissing Gwen
  8. Kissing Katerina4
  9. Not kissing Jessica
  10. Not visiting the moon, but hardly at all, because it's, y'know, pretty far away

Final5 score
Things done: 3
Thing not done: 6
(and one that doesn't really fit in either category)6

for a total of ten. I can live with that.5

Interestingly, a wide array of knowledges and experiences I would've thought would be on the list (e.g. college) aren't, and writing is on top. Guess I know where my priorities should be.

(Sorry for the early morning downer.7)

1Not gonna talk about it.
2Not literally true, but you get my meaning.
3Or Gwen, but mostly Leah.
4The absence of the word "not" here isn't an oversight.
5No pun intended.
6Alternate score: Girls-7 Not Girls-3
7Unless, of course, you don't read this in the early morning, then I'm not sorry at all.
Shark out of water


It has been requested (via automated email) that I spread the word about Noctem Aeternus so that subscriber numbers will increase and advertising revenue can be obtained. I can't vouch for quality, since it hasn't come out yet, but it's free, so you may as well give it a try if the sales pitch sounds good to you.
Shark out of water

11 - Stupid butterfly ballots!

So, apparently I am bad at projector anatomy. It's not the shutter that's labeled "ultramittent". It's the intermittent sprocket assembly, and it's called "ultramittent" because it's the ultimate intermittent sprocket assembly*, not because it's fast. So, the second Best Neologism award instead goes to... me, I guess. For interpreting "ultramittent" to be something not stupid! Hooray for me!

*Which is also apparently a lie.